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. >> the sign says believe in america and tomorrow night mitt romney will find out if america believes in him. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and in 12 minutes a huge ruling in california that reveals the money trail behind a donation from arizona. where it leads to and why someone could be in serious trouble. >>> the two candidates for president aired more ads this year compared to the last two elections. >> the number of ads aired during the general election campaign passed the 1 million mark last month, from june through october, they responsered more than -- sponsored more than 1 million ads. it is 41% more than 2004. millions of americans have already voted and their voting in record numbers. we will show you the line here in florida. officials across the country reporting long lines. in some states half the people who voted in 2008 already cast their ballots. >> goinggoing to get in as soon as possible so i know i voted. >> crypt anything to prevent from voting -- i didn't want anything to prevent me from voting. >> 27% more have voted than 2008. >>> a new poll f
. this will be the second strike this month. nurses at two san jose hospitals operated by hospital corporation of america will also walk out tomorrow. they have hired replacement nurses. >>> man arrested at oakland international airport for wearing a suspicious watch will not face charges. today the district attorney declined to file charges against john i am -- against him. he is an artist who made this watch and he was told that it was okay to wear on the plane. >>> deputy accused of robbing a bank is out on jail. ktvu's david stevenson looked into this and is here with what he learned. >> reporter: we were first to report on the arrest of a sheriff's deputy at this jail. we learned today what may be ahead for him. >>> there was no answer at the home today. the 36-year-old is the bank robber seen in this bank robber photo. he was arrested friday morning and charged with felony burglary -- felony and burglary. he made bail and left the jail. >> my expectation would be that an officer or a deputy who is unfortunate to have these allegations against him or her would be treated the same. >> reporter: he re
and adolescents. >> we must protect america's tiniest consumers. >> reporter: about half of the 200 toys had problems. they include this piece of plastic fruit which could find its way into a toddler's wind pipe. this action figure contains an unlawful amount of lead. >> there was 180 parts per million. the current standard is no more than 100 parts per million. >> reporter: powerful magnets that can be swallowed for children. >> when two magnets are in a child's abdomen, because they're so strong they'll find each other. >> reporter: noisy toys can cause hearing loss in children. >> this guitar tests at 93- decibels. 85-decibels is the maximum recommended strength. >> reporter: the hope is warnings about common and not so common hazards will prompt parents will be more careful. >> we posted the entire list of toys on our website you'll find it by clicking on hot topics and choosing web links. >> the man behind elmo has resigned. today sesame workshop announced the resignation of kevin clash citing the controversy around his personal life as a dismissal traction. a 24-year-old man
center. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america organized the save the dream event to help people keep their homes. bank of america, chase and others met with homeowners working to lower their interest rates or lower the principal. >> i have been through a divorce and desperate to change -- lower my interest rate. >> i 82 82 -- i couldn't believe it, they took my loan down to 2%. >> save the dream continues through next monday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >>> a loss today because of weakness in the upperren markets. sun power posted a lost of 41 cents a share. they estimated a loss of 21 cents a share. before the report was released stock closed up 25 cents a share. on wall street today, positive reports on jobs, manufacturing helped push stocks up. the dow is up 136 to 13,232. the nasdaq is up 42 at 3,020. the s&p is up 15 to 1,427. >>> in or out? yes or no. >> governor jerry brown gives voters an ultimatum, we ask if there is another way. >> i am back here at 5:20 p.m., the valley fog returns tomorrow morning, which areas, which highways will have the most fog. i will see
fought campaign. >> the romney family chosen to give back to america through public service and that is the legacy we honor tonight. >> reporter: instead of a narrow victory, president obama scored a decisive win in the electoral college and he acknowledged the volunteers that helped make that possible. >> to the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics. [ cheers and applause ] >> we love our president. he did an awesome job. four more years. >> glad to have him back. >> it is a wonderful night. >> the president says he is looking forward to reachingitute republicans to solve problems -- reaching out to republicans to solve problems. >> it is better the second time around. always better the second time around. >> the crowds are going home, the party is over, the president returns to washington, d.c. for another four years. the question is, will he find cooperation that he talked about in this speech. in chicago, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> mitt romney made what many people called a gracious acceptance speech, it was not a speech accepting th
. >>> a earthquake rattles central america. the desperate search for survives. >> and the east coast is getting slammed against by mother nature. the havoc she is bringing this time around. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> the death toll is 52 people following a major earthquake in guatemala. the 7.4 was centered off the coast of guatemala. 22 people are missing. many are presumed dead. 70 aftershocks hit in the first 24 hours. >>> another storm in an area struggling to recover from superstorm sandy. the nor'easter made its way through new england today. it is adding to
, helping anybody in america, that was awesome, i enjoyed every minute of it. >> coach jennifer vargas made sure crews had everything they needed. >> very proud all of us, every single one of us getting there and up canning homeful i can't wait to get home to my kids. >> >> reporter: give you a different perspective on disasters? >> yes, it does, go home, hug your family, be prepared. >> that said, enough said. >>> now, students are camping out to make sure uc regents hear their voices, earlier, today, it was the governor asking the recents to rethink about positions on raising fees, saying now is not the time to be doing that. ken pritchard is where the tents are going up. >> reporter: frank, it is starting to look out a camp out here on the uc mission bay campus. a few tents going up. more on the way, this protest was aimed at sending a strong message to the regents to not vote for an increase on fees. a vote expected this morning, a vote it turns 0 out was delayed. the delay came at the request of governor jerry brown who attended the uc regents meeting in san francisco. now, he says in
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america's economic debate is the fiscal cliff. it's the drastic automatic spending cuts and tax cups that will take effect. a washington correspondent explains the sense of urgency. >> reporter: now that the election is over this is washington's next fight. tackling the nation's debt. expiring tax cuts, massive layoffs, it's hanging over the heads of the most powerful in the nation's capitol. >> right now if congress fails to come to an agreement on an overall deficit reduction package by the end of the year, everybody's taxes will automatically go up. >> reporter: the stakes haven't be higher. the nonpartisan congressional budget office says ignoring this fiscal crisis could throw merck back into a recession. john boehner called on the president to lead. >> this is his moment to engage the congress and work towards a solution that can pass both chambers. >> reporter: for the first time there looks to be signs of cooperation. a willingness to negotiate to find a solution. >> i'm not weighted to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: the p
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10